Are you a TRUE Doom fan?

1993, iD software releases DooM, a game that features 3D movement. Considered to be the first FPS, it has amassed a fanbase like no other. DoomM took the world by storm and continued its reign with its sequels.

So, to the matter at hand. How well do you know the game? Are you a fan or a flop? Will you earn the right to call yourself a TRUE DooM fan? Well then, lets just see...

Created by: gabe
  1. What is the name of the first level in the first DooM?
  2. What level in doom first introduces the Cyberdemon?
  3. What is the Main Character commonly referred to as, more so than Flynn Taggart as he has been named?
  4. What is Doom IIs subtitle?
  5. How many DooM games were realeased on PC?
  6. What level first introduces the cyberdemon in Final Doom:TNT Evilution?
  7. Doom 2 introduces many new features, such as the new map system and a few new enemies. Which of these are features introduced in Doom 2?
  8. Who's Head is impaled on a stake in side the Icon of Sin's Head?
  9. We all hated lost souls, they are annoying. Which enemy becomes a lost Soul Factory?
  10. In what years were Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom released respectively? (In that order.)

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE Doom fan?