How Well Can You Design a Battleship?

There are always good navy thinkers out there. Try their skills and knowledge on naval warfare. Best of luck. Make sure that your ideas don't suck because if you do. You are in big big trouble and maybe doom your fleet.

Do have the mind power of master and commander. Are you smarter than Nimitz or Yamamoto put together??? Or are you a gifted navy dude who wants to prove yourself that your grandfather is wrong about you.

Created by: shaun
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  1. How big do you want your battleship to be?
  2. How big do you want it's guns???
  3. How many turrets or barrels do u want to have?
  4. What do you rather prefer? Anti-aircraft or life boats?
  5. What type of crew do you rather have?
  6. What happens if a plane drops a torpedo in front of you?
  7. What happens if your a lone battleship and you see hundreds of planes heading your way?
  8. What happens if your ship starts taking on water?
  9. If your battleship was attacked by other battleships, what do you do?
  10. How thick do your battleship's armour be?
  11. What name do you give your battleship?
  12. What happens when 6 or more battleships gang up on you?
  13. If your battleship goes down what do you do?

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Quiz topic: How Well can I Design a Battleship?