What kind of game would you design?

Ever wanted a career in game design? Are you unsure of how well you'd do? Well if the answers to either of these questions is no, I'm going to disregard it and instead offer you this quiz.

You will find out what kind of game you'd end up designing, along with how good your ideas are. Good Luck! Get going! Oh, and try not to take this too seriously, it's only testing your mindset, not your actual skill.

Created by: Harry Brewis
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  1. You decide to write a book. Who's the main character?
  2. What did you most prefer about an M.Night Shamalan film?
  3. You are told to design a game for girls. What is your first idea?
  4. You are asked to design a game specifically for "cool guy" males. What's your first thought?
  5. What do you think when I say "Earthbound"?
  6. Ever heard of "expository dialogue", and do you know what it means?
  7. Your house catches fire. What do you save?
  8. You work in a chip shop. Which are you best at?
  9. What's your favorite food?
  10. how long did it take you to think of your answer to that question?
  11. What made you buy your first console?

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