What Makes A Website Good?

Many people just think that cool colors, images, and designs are all there is to web site design.. well they're wrong! Web site design is very complicated and maybe you know about it. Since you are taking the media tech class and just had to do the same project then I hope you do know about web site design..

What do you know about web site design? I hope you know a lot because you are about to take a quiz on it. What would be the point of taking a quiz on something if you knew you were going to fail it anyways?

Created by: amazon
  1. What is the best format to use when creating a web site?
  2. What should you do when putting images on a web site?
  3. Light colored text should not be used and colored text should only be use to emphasize important information.
  4. When using any color text other than black, the text should be a bright color to make sure people see it.
  5. You should always...
  6. What should be near your logo or at the top of the page?
  7. Amount of space for navigation buttons may be limited by...
  8. You should try to avoid using currency signs.
  9. If you set one color for something, you need to set the color for everything else.
  10. You should test your pages with many browsers.

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