Do you Know Cells?

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Created by: jake of Cells of your Body
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  1. How many parts of a cell do i talk about on my website?
  2. Your mom and dad always tell you what to do and what not to do what part of a cell serves like a parent?
  3. A wall is used to protect your house what is used to protect a cell?
  4. What functions as a factory in a cell?
  5. I act like a plant and give a cell its food what part of a cell am I?
  6. I convert energy in food molecules. energy that a cell can use to carry its function?
  7. A car can carry people and things from place to place, I carry proteins throughout a cell. what part of a cell am I?
  8. I release materials outside of a cell what am I?
  9. Be the boss control what your kids watch. I control what goes in and out of cells?
  10. I am the part of a cell where ribosomes are made?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Cells?