Quiz To Make Brain Work More

There are many people who think, claim or express their apparent high intellect. This quiz with either, disprove that belief about yourself, or in the rare event that you are in fact which bright up-stairs, then you will be free to bask in your triumph.

This quiz will test both your knowledge of the outside world and your ability to logically overcome the problems that lay ahead of you on the uncertain road to total failure. Now let your thinking box show what its truely made of (except a cluster of impeccably postioned nerve cells within the central nervous system itself. If you get my drift?)

Created by: Glenn of www.myspace.com
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  1. What Would You Do If You Found A Horse?
  2. "I Wish That The Korean Man, Would Stop Being So Korean, So We Wouldn't Have To Call Him The Korean". This Statement is?
  3. Do You Know Who Madhur Bhandarkar Is?
  4. If x=(Euclidean space + 0.�)x m(sine x 55.353.44QM). Then What Is The Quantum Mass of x.x?
  5. Who Is To Blaim For CATS, The Musical?
  6. What Is The Worse?
  7. Kill All Pandas?
  8. Who Does Brian Blessed Look Like?
  9. Las Vegas Is A Village...
  10. Is The UK A Special Version Of Mexico?

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