Curiosity killed the cat, what do you think it will do to you? I cannot be responsible for the outcome of this survey, but I will give you a hint, it is a measure of how deeply you generally think by using some off the wall daily occurances and asking opinions about them.

Regardless of the outcome of this quiz, you, yes you, have a brain, and it works, yes, I said that it does indeed work. Don't listen to everyone that says your brain doesn't work, just pick up your mouse and go, "click" with the button, that'll show them that your mind is working fine!

Created by: mike hunt

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  1. is the actual word "phuck" a bad word?
  2. If someone asks you a question, how often approximately do you answer in a question other than, "what? or why?"?
  3. Do you have deja vu's often?
  4. Your motto could be:
  5. Can you say this 3 times fast: One smart fellow, he felt smart Two smart fellows, they felt smart three smart fellows, they felt smart They all felt smart!
  6. Have you ever predicted someones demeaner and even their next actions just by looking at their expressions and listening to the tone in their voice?
  7. The last time you had a dream, do you think it meant something?
  8. 1+1=?
  9. If one wears their hair color green, with red earings, they are probably in what kind of mood, in general...
  10. ROY G BIV is what?

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