Does he like me or not

This quiz tells you how your crush really feels about you. I have been told that I give extremely good advice so your outcome is probably accurate. I tried my best ro be partial and took this into a lot of consideration

Now I'm no professional or expert so don't take this too seriously. But remember, what I say just may be true so give it a try. However I'm not responsible for any unreasonable outcomes

Created by: Someone
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does he stare at you?
  2. When you are talking to your guy best friend does he
  3. Does he trust you with his life
  4. Do you hang out a lot
  5. Does he ever try to get you alone
  6. When you catch him looking at you he
  7. Does he hang with your friends
  8. Do your friends approve of him
  9. Has he ever mentioned or hinted that he has feelings for you
  10. Does he compliment you often

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