Does he like me

Take this quiz and u will found about your crush. Also if I need any help with anything like advice or just a person to talk to u can always comment down bellow and I will give u advice u don't have to if u don't want

U can always talk to your love ones about like your pets family friends and me coz then will understand it ask your mum and dad because they have proba been through but u can always ask me

Created by: Evie
  1. What do U like about your crush
  2. Have u ever hung out
  3. What's his name
  4. What kinda feelings do u have for him
  5. When would u like to ask him out
  6. Is he your type
  7. Does any of his friends like u
  8. Who would u go to,to get advice
  9. When you talk to your crush u ...
  10. If u have any questions u would like to ask me about boys feel free and just

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