Does She Like you Back? (Accurate Version)

If you took the origional and didn't like it, you should still like this one. It has a lot of improvements in its calculating. Well, anyway, does she like you?

Do you want to know? Do you want to rub this quiz in your friend's face, saying, "I told ya so! I told ya so!"? Either way, go on, and give this quiz a try!

Created by: Wayne

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  1. When she talks to you (if ever,) how does she sound?
  2. Does she seem to agree with you alot?
  3. Has she ever asked you a question that was very off topic (ex: do you like chicken?)
  4. When you talk to someone you know is their close friend, does she watch very closely?
  5. When she talks to you in private (dude, this is a give-away anyhow), she...
  6. Does she tell dumb jokes when you are in the vicinity?
  7. *The dividing question* Does she have a boyfriend?
  8. Does she do acts of kindness towards you, such as holding open doors, or fetching your stuff?
  9. Has she ever worn something "pretty" on a day she knows is special to you, like your birthday?
  10. If you fall, does she come to your aid immidiatly, even though you're fine?
  11. Does she make a point of annoying you and only you?
  12. Does she make a point of sitting close to you, whatever the class?
  13. If you I.M or E-Mail her, does she often use :) or

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