What philosophical belief is right for you?

This simple, 12 question survey will ask you general questions about daily life and give you 3 potential answers. Choose your answer based on your most ideal scenario.

If you are honest, than the survey will align you with a philosophy that you can look into more later. You can use this as a tool to pin point logical inconsistencies within yourself and strength who you are and your beliefs. I have included some key words in the survey results for you to look into to help with your self-discovery.

Created by: StixHenon
  1. What is your ideal scenario for getting out of bed in the morning?
  2. You are now awake - how will you decide on what to wear for the day?
  3. You are now dressed - how will you choose what you cook yourself for breakfast?
  4. Now that you have eaten and it is a weekend - what will you do today?
  5. It's lunchtime and you decide you want call some friends to meet up somewhere. Since you are buying, your friends leave the decision on where to eat to you. How do you choose where you are going to eat?
  6. On your way home, you see someone doing something you feel is wrong, though they are not physically hurting anyone (other than maybe themselves). What do you do?
  7. You are now home and unwinding for the day - how do you decide when to go to bed?
  8. It is now the workday - where do you work?
  9. Before leaving to work, what products do you use to get yourself ready in the morning?
  10. What is you most ideal way of transporting to and from work?

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