How Liberal are you?

There are two main beliefs in government. Liberalism and Conservative. While Liberals focus on equality and liberty, Conservatives focuses on the preservation of the best society and opposing radical changes.

Have you ever thought about what political belief you supported? Have you ever rebuked the beliefs of the opposing belief? Take this quiz to discover how Liberal you are!

Created by: Baily Cuthbert

  1. Equality is slowly becoming more accepted in the modern world, such as gay marriage. Should this be allowed?
  2. Individual rights are rights held by individual people. This means the freedom to pursue one's happiness and goals. Should individuals be allowed to have this freedom?
  3. Women are becoming more independent and starting to involve themselves in what would have never been imaginable. Should women be allowed to work in what was originally men's work?
  4. Self-actualization is the motivation to maximize one's own potential and possibilities. Do you accept this?
  5. Liberty is the freedom from the restrictions imposed by authority on one's life. Do you agree to this?
  6. Liberalism is attempting to separate the church belief from the nation. This means the congress cannot establish an "official church" and encourage religious practices. Would you allow this?
  7. Political freedom is absence of interference with an individual's sovereignty by using coercion (force or threats) or aggression. Should people be allowed to have this freedom?
  8. Secularism is a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations. Should religion be rejected?
  9. In some nations, foreign cultural freedoms are restricted and prohibited. This prevents people from different cultures from entering a certain countries, believing in their own cultural beliefs and preventing them from practicing their cultural traditions. Should this be allowed?
  10. Popular sovereignty is the doctrine belief that government is created and will subject to the will of the people. Should this be allowed?

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