Is Your Brain Excersized?

This is a quiz you may take to help you understand if your brain is excersized enough. It also helps you excersize your brain a little bit. Caution: If you have a headache or have difficulty in seeing, I recomend not taking this quiz for it will work your brain.

These series of questions will help your brain as well as help you understand the value our brain gives us. If we had no brain we would barley be people. Please keep your brain healthy and excersized for we use so much in our everyday lives.

Created by: Jill
  1. Monday is the same as wednesday and wednesday is different from tuesday, so thursday is the same as:
  2. There are two different numbers. One of the numbers is three times larger than the other number and when multiplied together, it equals 9075. What are the numbers?
  3. Glue, Lights, Hands, and _________ Choose the correct word that best finishes this sequence.
  4. Molly's house is bigger than Becca's house, but Molly's house is smaller than Bill's house. Whose house is the biggest?
  5. Mary had six children: Ashton, Brianne, Christopher, Donna, and Easton. What was the sixth child's name?
  6. Finish the phrase: I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, there they are standing in a row, big ones, small ones,
  7. What is ther best way to excersize your brain?
  8. This number is three digits long. The first digit is 3. The second digit is the first digit multiplied by the last digit. The last digit is one smaller then the first digit.
  9. 7308.69-229.87=_________ Don't use a calculator!
  10. This number is a two digit number. Both the digits multiplied by each other then divided by 2 is 24. What is the number?

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