Your brain age...again

There have been many people who have wanted a way to fin out there brain age. Even though this is on no way correct, it is fun and strange. If you can master this CONGRADULATIONS! And you Will rule once more! (If you didnt rule before you most likely play Runescape and try and Role Play)

C'mon take the quiz, dont be shy, Just take it, You got this far now find out how old your brain is.... The wrong way! C'mon in and find out dont waste your time on work and waste your time on this! Its worth it!

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  1. 10-20
  2. What is the best way to kill a crab?
  3. What is Metallica?
  4. What dose DNA stand for?
  5. Do you want something FUN?
  6. What is the easyist way to get hyper?
  7. What dose ICT stand for?
  8. How would you rate this quiz?
  9. Who is Serj Tankian?
  10. Why did you leave the kids upon the table?

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Quiz topic: My brain age...again