how genius are you.?

this quiz will know what kind of genius are you you will know to this quiz how genius are you..!! genius is not only a joke this genius powers of your own must find it inti your brain if you find this you'll know..!!!

this quiz will take at you brain directly "AT YOUR BRAIN"and the question of this quiz do you have the brainpower to qualify for that prestigious title until now you could only wonder but thanks to this great quiz in just a few min youll will find out!"

Created by: daniel
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  1. while your a grade 5 are you top ten.. in your class.?
  2. have you finish college..?
  3. in grade 6 in your card grade do you have a red mark failure even one failure..?
  4. in kinder 2 before you will be grade what subject you always correct
  5. in math what square root of 16
  6. in elective math what is the area of circumference..?? and polygons
  7. in science what is the one of this is the kinds of rocks (its to easy)
  8. in true in to your mind are you real genius
  9. are feeling your future you will be great
  10. donot answer this just skip and skip
  11. dsadsa

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Quiz topic: How genius am I.?