The Genius Test II

You've probably played the Genius Test I, and now there's the Genius Test II. If you can win both, you're possibly even more of a genius than what I convince myself I am!

This Genius Test, however, has taken on a different tone. The goal is to take the test multiple times and find out how the answers affect the outcome. There are no real questions, just simple answers to choose from. The winning answer, though, is "Brain." Also, don't worry about the gender and age, because they don't affect the test. Good luck! Go see if you're a genius!

Created by: MANAX of The Internet
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  1. Shapes.
  2. Color
  3. Letter
  4. Number
  5. Direction
  6. Time
  7. Weight
  8. Painting
  9. Pet
  10. Boredom

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