random genious questions (are you smart)

Warning if your brain hurts to much after thinking for a large amount of time don't take this test or else there will be serious brain damage. If you want to see how smart you are then come on down and test your luck at this websites most hardest quiz.

Stated in paragraph 1 it says not to take this test if you get hurt by thinking to much. I will not be held responsible if you or someone out there has a brain explosion! Kaboom! If you have suffered this type of attack then email me at aecds340@hotmail.com to tell me so I could make an easier test.

Created by: Emigdio

  1. What is our state bird (United states of America)
  2. What is 12x12?
  3. Is this question true E=mc squared if m=2,c=3,and E=12?
  4. What is a noun?
  5. What are the three states of matter?
  6. What does c equal in this problem a+b=c if a=1 and b=2?
  7. What is an ostrich?
  8. Wnile making a sandwich what should you do first?
  9. Is alaska a state?
  10. Finally the hardest question of all. If a train leaves a station at 10 am going 243miles an hour at what time will he get to his first stop in13,432,637 minutes

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Quiz topic: Random genious questions (am I smart)