What Makes You An Awesome Friend? (girls)

So, WHAT MAKES YOU AN AWESOME FRIEND?!?!? Hopefully after you take this quiz you will find out what makes you awesome :) Are you Fun? Supportive? Self-Sacrificing? What about Leading? IDK....

So just take this quiz and you will be done! It's one twelve questions so it won't even take you like 2 minutes! Good luck and enjoy! Oh, please leave comments and rate when done. Thanks!

Created by: aszand_58
  1. Your best friend's boyfriend just dumped her, accusing her of cheating when she really didn't. What do you do to him?
  2. You and Your BFF are just about to bungee jump when she panics. You:
  3. Ouch! Your friend's fave band cancels a show she had tickets to. She has been waiting for this concert for at least a year. You:
  4. Your BFF borrowed your all-time favorite dress but returns it with a stain. You:
  5. You love your adorable pet Chihuahua, but your friend is afraid of dogs. You:
  6. You and your friend are checking out the town festival together. You:
  7. When your best friend gets her heart broken by her summer crush, you:
  8. How many arguments have you had with your best friend?
  9. You and your BFF were invited to a pool party, and you two find out that her crush will be there. She is stressing out on what to wear. What do you do?
  10. After a spa treatment, your friend breaks out in a nasty rash. What do you do?

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