Isabella's Quiz!!

This quiz is about the war of 1812. It is also about wether you actually lokked at my webstie or the end of the quiz it will give you a score and a sentance of how well you did, or how bad you did.

When you get your genius score don't be mad if you do bad, next time look at the website and it will help you, and if you did good then congradulations.Good Luck, And I hope you were paying atension to the whole website.

Created by: amazon of katharine7H1812
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who fought in the war?
  2. Were did the war take place?
  3. Who won the war?
  4. Why did the war take place?
  5. What were the two flags for in the "My Picks" segment?
  6. Whick one of these people did I mention in the reading?
  7. How many years was the seven year war?
  8. What was this war called in the end?
  9. What is my website name?
  10. What date did the Americans declare war on the British?

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