Mosin Nagant Knowledge Quiz

There are many Mosin Nagant collectors, but few who truly understand the nuances of the design. Those who do are a cut above the average collector and can take advantage of their knowledge to add uncommon variations to their collection.

Do you really understand the history and development of the Mosin Nagant design? Are you prepared to strike when the opportunity presents itself while browsing gun shows and pawn shops? Until now you could only wonder, but thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

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  1. What was the original model of Mosin Nagant?
  2. What is the twist rate of a Mosin Nagant barrel?
  3. What is the length of an M28?
  4. What is the weight of a "light ball" 7.62x54r bullet?
  5. Which arsenal/country did not make M91/30 rifles?
  6. Which of these models is not a Civil Guard rifle?
  7. What does the letter "D" on Finnish rifles indicate?
  8. What year did Russian/Soviet M91 production end?
  9. Which of these is not an M39 variation?
  10. Which model never had a laminated stock?
  11. Which part does not have an original serial number on it?
  12. Where can you usually find the arsenal and date of the receiver on a Mosin Nagant?
  13. Which arsenal did not produce M91s during World War I?
  14. Which of the following is not a recognized receiver variation?
  15. What was the maximum setting of the original M91 rear sight?
  16. Which of the following is not a WWI Austrian arsenal mark?
  17. What year did Tula begin M38 production?
  18. What was the first major conflict that Mosin Nagants were used in?
  19. Which of the following Finnish models sometimes has a "stepped" barrel?
  20. How many logos did Tula use on the barrel during 1919?
  21. Which country did not produce a copy of the M44?
  22. Which model/variation has a date on top of the barrel?
  23. Which country did not produce the M91/30?
  24. How many arsenals manufactured M91s for Russia?
  25. Which country developed a unique trigger?
  26. What year did M44 production begin in Romania?
  27. What type of sling slot escutcheons do Soviet laminated stocks typically have?
  28. What is the range of MO second and third dates?
  29. Which model had the longest production run?
  30. What year did the Soviet Union begin using letter prefixes in the serial number?
  31. What is the arsenal mark for Sestroryetsk?
  32. What does the "y in a circle" proof indicate?
  33. How many years did China produce the T53?
  34. What country is the "Berndorfer Bear" arsenal mark from?
  35. Which country marked rifles "EXERCITIU"?
  36. Which model was not used in the Spanish Civil War
  37. Which wood was not used for Mosin stocks?
  38. Which mark is not Finnish?
  39. Which model has a pistol grip stock?
  40. Which model has an attached folding bayonet?

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