Mosin Nagant Knowledge Quiz #2

There are many Mosin Nagant collectors, but few who truly understand the nuances of the design. Those who do are a cut above the average collector and can take advantage of their knowledge to add uncommon variations to their collection.

Do you really understand the history and development of the Mosin Nagant design? Are you prepared to strike when the opportunity presents itself while browsing gun shows and pawn shops? Until now you could only wonder, but thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

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  1. Which Nagant brother contributed to the Mosin Nagant design?
  2. The Cossack Rifle differed from the Dragoon in that it:
  3. How many digits in the tang date at Sestroryetsk after 1899?
  4. How many lines of text, not including the date, in the Tula logo from 1920 to 1928?
  5. How many notches in an original M91 rear sight base?
  6. What country made carbine replacement stocks, but did not produce new Mosins?
  7. What year was the high wall receiver replaced with the low wall receiver?
  8. What year did Albania produce an M91/30?
  9. Which model sometimes has "popsicle sticks"?
  10. What shape is the rear sight notch on an M28?
  11. What is the combined number of years of production for all countries that made M44 clones, not counting the Soviet Union?
  12. Which country has the "02" code?
  13. What does Puolustuslaitos mean?
  14. Which model sometimes has two sling slots in the butt?
  15. Which country did not provide barrels to Finland?
  16. Which country is the "KLP" mark from?
  17. How many stock configurations were used on the M38?
  18. Which model is sometimes known as a "Lotta rifle"?
  19. Laminated handguards are found on which model?
  20. Which arsenal was located in the Urals?
  21. How long is an arshin?
  22. What country used a "C" to mark their rifles?
  23. Of which arsenal was Sergei Mosin director?
  24. Which feature was not part of the original design?
  25. What year did round receiver production begin?
  26. In what country would a Mosin be marked with the "Kossuth Crest"?
  27. Which country did not use Mosin Nagants?
  28. Which arsenal did not manufacture M91s during World War I?
  29. Which model is considered to be the pinnacle of Mosin Nagant development?
  30. How many M44s were made in 1943?
  31. Which model has a relined barrel?
  32. Which model includes the month of production along with the year on the barrel?
  33. Which country changed the type of sling slot escutcheons during post-WWII production?
  34. Which model has a sleeve around the barrel at the nose cap?
  35. Which arsenal re-used receivers extensively immediately after WWI?
  36. Mosin Nagants were built with metric pattern threads after the 1917 revolution.
  37. There are two distinctly different patterns of M39 barrels, not counting those cut down from M91s.
  38. The "interrupter" is a feature unique to the Mosin Nagant design.
  39. Finland made some receivers prior to the Winter War when many Mosin Nagants were captured negating the need to do so.
  40. Finland only used round receivers on 1944 Tikka M91/30s because it was thought that they were inferior to the earlier hex receivers.

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