Yu-Gi-Oh quiz of Doom

My quiz is about how good they watch Yu-Gi-Oh. They can be a good genius if they watch the show. If they watch the show often then it'd easy to answer, but to know all the questions is to watch seasons one and two.

Are you a genius? To prove your right is to take quiz. Do you have the brainpower to take my quiz. You should find out by taking my quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out if your a true genius.

Created by: fred

  1. Who likes Mai Valentine?
  2. In the battle City tournament, what certain card do you give to your opponent if you lose a duel not talking about locater cards?
  3. Who haves Time Wizard in their deck?
  4. Bakura got ran over by...
  5. Who won every tournament in the show?
  6. Who is the first owner, second owner, and third owner of the reds eyes black dragon?
  7. Who taught Joey how to play Duel Monsters?
  8. In season one, which two characters were only female?
  9. The two people of the paradoxs bothers are
  10. Seto Kiba has a

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