How reformed evangelical are you?

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Hello there! In this quiz, there will be a variety of questions to test how reformed evangelical you are. The questions are a combination of biblical, doctrinal, and historical questions. Enjoyyyy!

May this quiz causes you to be more ardent and zealous for our Lord Jesus Christ and in valuing God's work in the history of His Church. Please share this quiz with your friends!

Created by: vermiglio
  1. What is the doctrine on which the church stands or falls?
  2. What's the Bible mainly about?
  3. What does the "grace of God" refer to?
  4. How should a reformed evangelical church view all other churches?
  5. According to Apostle Paul, what should a sermon seek to preach?
  6. What must be done to church traditions?
  7. What is the main theme of the gospel according to Jesus?
  8. Thomas Cranmer is best known as?
  9. Who is the gospel for?
  10. What's the first priority: ministry or family?
  11. What does it mean to be Reformed?
  12. What does Jesus' Great Commission actually say?
  13. What is John Calvin's greatest contribution to Reformed worship?
  14. Which of the following statements do you think is most appropriate concerning the worship service?
  15. As a church member, how do you build the church?
  16. What is Christian life about?
  17. What is your view on altar call?
  18. What is the gospel?
  19. What did the church of Geneva sing during Calvin's time?
  20. Who's the first Reformed theologian ever?
  21. Did the Protestant reformers seek to break away from the catholic church?
  22. Do Christians have to redeem the culture (or the world)?
  23. What is the church?
  24. How can a sinner receive a new life?
  25. What is your hope on your deathbed?

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Quiz topic: How reformed evangelical am I?