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From the creator of 2:16 in the Morning ... Your name is Mandy Roger and you have the choice between 4 guys. You're in boarding school in grade 10. But Mason and Hunter have dark secrets.

Who do you want? Who will betray you during this series. What will happen? Take my other quizzes {Life at Hogwarts} and {2:16 in the Morning}. Stay tuned.

Created by: chaz55

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  1. You see Parker ... even though he is right next to you. Same hair colour, same eye colour, same birth mark, same everything. Just looking a few years older.
  2. Parker shuts the door. "Uuuh, Mandy ... I have to tell you something." The door opened and older Parker called you guys to come in. You walk in shivering.
  3. "I am not Parker. I am him from the year 2017. The world is in grave danger. I have come to live in Parker's dorm with him to make sure he can save the universe."
  4. "And why do you need me?" you ask. "We don't. That's why since you know, you're staying in here. We'll feed and give you water but you're not leaving. We can't take the risk?"
  5. "You don't trust me?" "We can't trust anyone. The face of the world is in our hands." "But Parker ..." "I'm sorry," they said at the same time, "We can't trust anyone." You want to run for it but your stopped by Blake who just walked into the dorm.
  6. 4 days later ... You're thinking to yourself how Mr. Stevens would react for how late you are. Not just late but absent.
  7. You suddenly notice an open window ...
  8. "I gotta get out of here ..." you mumble to yourself. You jump in your rope to the window.
  9. You're still tied up and when you open the window barely, you jump out and ...

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