Villains This Morning

Villains This Morning began as a small, local show, for YouTubers everywhere to enjoy. They're getting funnier and more popular by the second! YouTube can't get enough of Villains This Morning!

Perhaps you are one of their, or maybe even their suscribers? Perhaps you consider yourself an expert on Villains This Morning? Well, whether you've been with us from the start or you've just joined our community, take this quiz to see, HOW BIG A VILLAINS THIS MORNING FAN ARE YOU?

Created by: Villains This Morning

  1. What day was the second Villains This Morning episode released?
  2. Who won 'So You Think You Can Prance'?
  3. In which order did Devilina's and Voldemarta's day out go?
  4. Which song did Erica perform with?
  5. Which movie was NOT referenced in the first episode?
  6. What color are the walls of the studio?
  7. What color is Voldemarta's chair?
  8. Why does Voldemarta noogie the salon lady?
  9. What color is the salon lady's sweater?
  10. Which of thee segments is the only one to show up in two episodes?

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