Which Maximum Ride Villain are You

It isn't easy to picture villains as human. It's even less easy to picture yourself as a villain. But villains are people too, especially those in the Maximum Ride Universe.

The play Pirates of Penzance points out that when villains aren't doing evil deeds, they're just like everyone else. This test compares the way you act to how four villains from the Maximum Ride universe might act in situations that aren't directly related to villainy.

Created by: Endoftheearth
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  1. A person is about to commit suicide off the roof of a building. You decide to stop them. You:
  2. A terrorist group has kidnapped your boyfriend/girlfriend, but one member of the group was arrested. The police allow you to interrogate him. You:
  3. You find yourself sponsoring an armed rebellion in (insert the name of some 3rd world country here) for the sake of overturning the government. Your idea of doing this is to:
  4. When it comes to planning, you tend to:
  5. How many final outcomes are you willing to accept?
  6. If you could remove one thing from the world, it would be
  7. How good are you at chess, Risk, or other games that involve strategy?
  8. Who is your favorite member of Maximum Ride's flock, of those listed below?
  9. Which of these do you find the most interesting?
  10. The possible characters this test can spit out are Jeb, ter Borcht, Mr. Chu, and Hans Gunther-Hagen. Do you think than any of these people could possibly bear any resemblance to you?

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