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From the creator of 2:16 in the Morning ... Your name is Mandy Roger and you have the choice between 4 guys. You're in boarding school in grade 10. But it seems everyone has dark secrets.

Who do you want? Who will betray you during this series. What will happen? Take my other quizzes {Life at Hogwarts} and {2:16 in the Morning}. Stay tuned.

Created by: chaz55

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  1. The hours pass by and everything is positive. You are let free and you know you can only go to the one person you can trust. Mason. You walk back to your room and Mason is there.
  2. You sit down on the bed next to him and you ask him to explain everything. You get's off the bed and tells you this. "Chelsea is evil. I don't know if you know that or not. That's all I know."
  3. "LIAR!" you scream to him. "I know you whispered something to Chelsea. I know she's evil so it explains a whole lot more. You're evil and so is Parker."
  4. You sits down on Chelsea's bed and smiles an evil smile. "You're a smart girl." he says. "Why are you treating me like you're a 50 years old and I'm four?" you ask him. "Because I'm not your age."
  5. He reaches into his shirt and pulls of something. He keeps on pulling until he has pulled off a mask and you see a 40 year old in it. "What was that thing that I passed out by?"
  6. "It was Parker. He's dead. You saw him." "I passed out by that?" "It's complicated and gross. I won't go into it."
  7. You drop a pencil. *you: really? Mason reaches to pick it up and something falls from his face. When he comes back up, he's in a hood. "Don't look." he calls out. You run to him and rip off the hood.
  8. As you find out what is under his hood you scream. You run out and go back to the hospital. You claim your stomach hurts and that you need to stay there for a few hours.
  9. You lie in the bed as you think about what just happened. Blake walks in to see how you're feeling.
  10. "How're you feeling?" he asks. "Not good." you reply. You explain to him everything that happened. "Wow. I'm a shape shifter. I just needed to tell you." You smile and wait for him to say something else. He finally says "but it wasn't me. It WAS Hunter."

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