Which guy will be yours?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were given the chance to meet 4 amazing guys, and have your pick of them? Well, these 4 guys that you meet on an innocent bus ride home will change your life. forever.

Each of the guys: KC, Colton, James, and Joshua, has a special secret. What are the secrets? Get to know the guys to find out. Your story will unravel with each question. Who do you want to be, and who do you want to love? Its your choice. Come take this quiz! There will be more parts coming soon!

Created by: Paige
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  1. You are on the bus going home from school one day.Its Friday night, and you want to get changed, and go have movie night with your best friends. However, on the bus home, You spot 4 beautiful guys sitting near each other, two in each seat. What is your immediate reaction to these stunning guys that look about your age?
  2. You decide to stay where you are. You are very pretty yourself, so you figure they might notice you. James, the hot mysterious brunette with stunning blue eyes, is the first to glance at you. He whispers something to the other guys, and then they all turn to look at you. What do you do?
  3. Whatever you decided to do, the boys find it interesting. They move to the seats surrounding you. how do you feel?
  4. Silence. Then, KC, the dirty blonde with piercing green eyes breaks the silence. "What if we told you that if you came with us, you could have the adventure of your life?" he says. You respond with:
  5. "Guys, chill. Let me handle this." Joshua steps in. He has dark brown hair, almost black hair, with light brown eyes that sparkle. He gazes at you. His eyes are breath-taking. He smiles, and leans in, whispering to you. "How about we buy you a soda, so we can talk? Believe me, we don't want to hurt you." Joshua looks at you, and grins. It's almost like he knows that you have fallen under his spell-binding charm.
  6. You agree to go, but only after each one of the boys gives you a gorgeous smile with their stunning eyes and white teeth. As you step off of the bus at the next stop, Colton grabs your hand briefly, as though not to let anyone know, and whispers "I'm glad you came." Colton's long hair that is tied back into a pony tail intrigues you. His grey eyes are cat-like, and seductive. What do you think?
  7. In the pizza shop, you find a booth. It feels as though you are going to be here for a while. You find it weird that you allowed yourself to get off the bus with these 4 strange guys, and yet you don't seem to be scared anymore, if you even were to begin with. KC is sitting across from you, and he brushes his bangs out of his eyes and looks at you. You feel you heartbeat quicken as you ask them all their names. After they are finished introducing themselves, you ask "So, what do you guys need from me, and what is this adventure that you were talking about?" James, in his husky voice replies "Well, this is going to sound weird, but---we want you." You reply:
  8. When James made that last comment, you felt a girlish sensation come over you. James..wants you. Right now, which guy do you like the most? KC: The brilliant, polite boy next door; Colton: The adorable, guy that makes you smile whenever you look at him. Joshua: The smart-alecy, gorgeous, bad-mouthing guy who seems like he is really into you; or James: The myseterious hot guy whose voice and eyes make you want to kiss him.
  9. Okay. Unfortunately, this quiz is over. I hope you have fun figuring out which guy you will end up with! If you want to continue with the story, look for Part 2!! These guys are so hot, huh? So, feedback time. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  10. Oh!! Bee Tea Dubs: does Colton seem the least bit attractive to you? I just want to know if I should change his character up a little bit.

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