Meet the Monster Part7: forgetting

Evan Lewis Roberts is just a normal 17 year old boy living in the westside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Well.. If you looked past his taste in music, hairstyle, tattoos, peircings and language-- he's normal. But everything in Evan's life is going to take a sharp turn. A monster that lurks inside of him will be revealed, and true love will finally be found along the way. Join me as we find out who the real Evan Lewis Roberts is, and what his destiny holds.

Hey guys! First of all, I want to wish you guys a very Merry Christmas!! Second of all, thank you for taking all of my Monster quizzes! And last of all, this quiz is were you meet the rest of the K-41o project. Please enjoy! ~KBlue

Created by: KBlue
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  1. I tore my eyes away from her, ashamed. It seemed like hours before she broke the eerie silence "you don't remember...don't you?" I looked at her. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember my name--or who my family was. "do you know my name?" I asked quietly. Keight slowly stood up and sat beside me. I watched her curiousy as she rolled up the sleeve of my jacket. She winced, seeing how ugly, and beaten my arm was. "what are you doing?" I asked
  2. "what happened to your arm?" she asked glancing at me. I shrugged "I don't know." more silence lingered, again she broke it "your name,.. I think it's...Kane..?" "how in the world did you make a guess like that?" I asked "your mark." she replied, "is a K-9. It sounds like Kane." I chuckled, not convinced. "so let me guess, your's is K-8?" I said sarcastically. "yes." she said very serious. My face got hot, whoops.
  3. So, she rolled my jacket sleeve back up, and laid down. I did the same, resting my slightly throbbing head on my hands. We watched the fire lick the small chunck of the dark blue nighttime sky. Oh how it was a beautiful night. It was so beautiful, I was sucked in. My eyelids got heavy, and I gave into a deep sleep.
  4. ***your dream*** *thump. Thump. Thump* I whipped my head towards the noise. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing anywhere. I was in a cramped, pitch black room. The only light seemed to be coming from somewhere on me. Suddenly, a bright light filled my peripheral vision. I turned my head, to see a desolate concrete circle. People started to approach it, wads of green stuff in their hands. Two men stood out from the rest of them. One had chocolately brown skin, with dark dreadlocks tipped with blonde dangling past his hips. He had amazingly green eyes that seemed to burn through anyone he looked at like green fire. My vision blurred, and I started falling. I tried screaming, but nothing came out of my mouth. I fell right Ito the other man. I looked through his eyes immediately. He started walking towards a yellow painted circle in the middle. 'I can do this. I will win, I will win for the both of them, I will beat my opponent. I can do this.' the man thought. It was incredibly hot, and a breeze was nowhere to be seen. The man removed his shirt, and tossed it to the side. He crouched on the opposite side of his opponent, green eyes looking deep within his soul. No fear showed on the opponent's face as he crouched. Then a loud bang. The opponent sprang into action and tackled the man to the ground, and started to shake him. Oddly, the opponent had a woman's voice "K-9! K-9!! Wake up!!"
  5. I blinked slowly, to see a soaked Kate shaking me. "K-9! K-9, please wake up!" she begged/yelled. I yawned before saying anything "what's going on?" I said groggily. "the Crick! The Crick has flooded! We need to move-NOW." she commanded pulling me up with amazing strength. She broke out into an incredibly fast run, and started to disappear in the thick vegetation. I hurried after her, and finally caught up. "were are we going?!" I shouted over the dumping buckets of rain that were pelting our faces like bullets. "to the cave! With the others." she shouted back. ''others?" I asked, but wasn't loud enough for her to hear.
  6. We ran until a elevated cave came into view. "is that it?" I asked, starting to feel dizzy. Again, no answer. She took giant leaps until she reached the elevated ace. I stopped and looked up. It had be up at least 30 stories. I took a deep breath, and took the same leaps that she did. When I reached the top, I had to support myself against the structure. She gently took my hand, seeing that I wouldn't be able to get there myself. ''Why the heck am I so weak?'' I said, thinking she couldn't hear "because you are new, and not a full Kayfour." she said sympathetically "you are still part human." I was about to ask what that was, but we entered the cave. My eyes went wide, and my jaw dropped. 7 really good looking, and when I say good looking, thats less than what I mean. "I found him." Keight said, leading me in. I happened to notice small red and yellow glowing dots circling their brilliant ice blue eyes when they all actually looked our direction. One of them smiled "good job Keight. Did you find K-10?" she asked. The one talking had curly blonde hair, with a splash of small freckles over her nose, like all of the others, she too had a tattoo on her left arm. It was just like mine and Keight's, but her's was K-1. Keight sadly shook her head "no Kay, I'm sorry." the blonde, known as Kay smiled "we'll find her Tomarrow, no worries."
  7. A slightly dark skinned girl piped up "I wouldn't think K-9 would be a guy." she said tossing her long, straight, sleek black hair out of her eyes. K-3 was stamped onto her left arm. Keight smiled and said with annoyance "well, he is." a pale redhead stood up from the group and approached us, K-5 was stamped onto her left arm. She put her hand against my forehead. "I think he has a fever." she said biting her lip. "we should take off the wet clothes so he doesn't get pneumonia." said a brunette with a K-6 stamped onto her arm. The girls nodded with agreement murmuring things about horrible diseases. The redhead unzipped my jacket and took it off, setting it close to the small fire in the middle of the cave. When she went for my pants, "no." is what i said. She rolled her eyes and pulled them down. I closed my eyes tightly, preparing for the worst. I opened them when i heard no giggling. Sighing, I looked down and saw a pair of camouflaged shorts. 'so im all camo? How great...' is all i thought. Keight and K-5 helped me lay down next to the fire. K-5 instructed me to stay there, and not move. Man what a mother she sounded like.
  8. I remember being covered with something extremely warm and soft. I fell into a deep sleep again, with nothing else to do.
  9. **you are now in the observance of the quiet K-2**
  10. "how will we know?" wispered K-6. "he'll have to make up his mind up soon." replied K-5 in a soft wisper. "shhh... Girls..." K-1 commanded, and we turned our attention to her. "we all know he has exactly 364 days to figure out which one of us to be with. Girls, remember you cannot inform him of this event. Are we clear?" we all nodded our heads. "since Keight has spent time with him, and has Had the privilege to meet him, ask her the questions now." i staid silent as the seven others talked in frantic whispers. No one noticed as I left the group, and stood in the mouth of the cave. I watched as the rain poured into buckets, with the sun barely peaking out from the storm clouds. 'don't worry Evan, you're safe." I thought
  11. C-L-I-|-F-H-A-N-G-E-R!! Please comment rate, and please share with your friends! :D see you in part 8!!

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