Meet the Monster Part4: Through the storm

Evan Lewis Roberts is just a normal 17 year old boy living in the westside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Well.. If you looked past his taste in music, hairstyle, tattoos, peircings and language-- he's normal. But everything in Evan's life is going to take a sharp turn. A monster that lurks inside of him will be revealed, and true love will finally be found along the way. Join me as we find out who the real Evan Lewis Roberts is, and what his destiny holds.

Hey guys! I hope you have enjoyed the series so far! If there's ANYTHING you want to see in this series, don't be shy! Post it in the comments, and I'll think about it :) have fun! ~ KBlue

Created by: KBlue
  1. Okay tO catch you up... I could hear the doctors panicking faintly outside of the scanner. My eyesight began to get blurry, and was getting covered by these odd black dots. I soon passed out. Well, I could say die since my heart stopped.
  2. Your are now in the observance of Head Doctor Elizabeth Kay Manooly
  3. "oh no. Oh no." I thought "this can't be happening." my team of doctors finally got the lifeless body of Evan Lewis Roberts out if the scanner, and onto a rolling bed. I dreaded the way he looked, blue eyes so light that looked white stared up at the celing in panic, mouth open wide, and bare chest bulging. I shook my head and followed my doctors out and into the room over. Being the lead doctor, I had a responsibility for this boy.
  4. The others quicky ripped open Evan's hospital gown, and stuck the pads onto his chest. One doctor quickly grabbed the defibrillator and yelled "CLEAR!" shocking him. Evan's chest jerked up, and the heart monitor was alive for a second. I stood back with the mother, her face was soaking my shoulder, God did I dislike it. But, she was crying so hard, harder than I've ever heard in my career.
  5. The doctor yelled 'clear' again, and shocked him. This time the heart monitor spiked for another second, and continued on in a line, a deadly beep. The doctor that was operating shook his head, and set the defibrillator. His mother got off my shoulder, and slowly approached her son. "Evan?" she whispered and got no response. I signaled my doctors that the case was closed, and that we needed to prepare the boy for the funeral home. They all slipped out and I stood in from of the door, watching. "Evan Lewis Roberts--" she started, sounding mad, but then broke into more tears, holding her dead son. "No Evan! Not my BABY!!" she cried into his dead shoulder.
  6. I stepped to the side as one doctor came into the empty hospital room with a white sheet, and glue in his hand. I saw Evan's mother look up from Evan's shoulder. She must've seen what he was holding because her voice shook "No..." "Ma'am, I am required." he put his free hand on her shoulder. To my amazement, I saw her eyes lock with his. "Ma'am. Please let me do my job."
  7. She nodded and stood up, standing to the side, she watched tear-eyed. I watched as my doctor laid the white sheet over Evan's body--except for his head and shoulders. He got his glue, and carefully squeezed it onto Evan's eyelashes, finishing by closing his left eye. Followed by his right. He gently shut Evan's agape mouth, and was getting ready to cover Evan's face---but that's when the unexpected happened.
  8. You are now in the observance of patient Evan Lewis Roberts
  9. I gasped taking the biggest lungfull of air I've ever had. I could only see darkness, and hear a steady beep from what I believe was a monitor. I gripped onto something, not caring what it was. I JUST had to know that this was all real. That the clouds were real. "am I blind?" I asked hearing the words slip out from my dry lips. So this Is Real... What happened was real.
  10. I realized what I was gripping was a hand. "who's there?" I asked, feeling like a blind old man. "Evan!" I heard her shreik, and rap her arms around my neck in a hug. "Mom?" I asked, just as I felt someone peeling something off my eyes. So THAT'S why I couldn't see, my eyes were glued shut. "Son." I heard a warm male's voice. I opened my eyes, feeling most of the glue gone, and saw my mother and a doctor lOoming over me.
  11. He was cut off by another voice "I think YOU just rose from the dead." I nearly jumped out of my skin at it's tone of voice. I turned my head to the door, and there stood a doctor with a name tag reading ' Professor Elizabeth Kay Manooly'
  12. Cliffhanger Please rate and comment! See ya in part 5: Through the storm!

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