A smidgen of revenge: Part Two

Hey people! So, this one will be a little different than the other two. This one is going to be in Coles pov ( Cody's twin brother) and maybe we'll find out some secrets ;)

I've always been hidden in the shadow of my brother. While he grew tall and absorbed the love of my beloved Charley, I wilted and became bitter. But now -- now I'll have my chance to shine. Shame Charley is dead -- or is she?

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. ***If you did not read the thing above, go do that or you'll be really confused in a minute. This one is in Coles pov*
  2. Sirens wailed as they pulled up -- and I knew I needed to make my escape. Taking the girl by the wrist, I drug her out from the depths of the closet and yanked her forward -- her timid figure bumping into mine. " Cole, b-baby. Is Cody.... Is he --" " Dead? Of course my Morning Glory. Don't worry," I smirked, using my pointer finger to lift her jagged chin upward. " we're free to be together. Though that stupid little friend of yours meddled into our business."
  3. She gave a deep frown as her eyebrows knitted closely together in confusion -- not sure of what I had meant. " Oh, Cole," she cooed sympathetically, lifting her childlike hand and cradling my lower jawline with a smile. " let's just go. Cody can't hold us back any longer. We'll deal with Sam soon enough."
  4. I gave a quick nod, pecking her cheek before leading her out towards my Mercedes Benz, the flashy coloring making her rich brown eyes go wide. " Cole!" she gasped, taking me into her loving arms in glee. " Yes, my beautiful Charley?"
  5. " You're amazing! I love you so much." she whispered into my ear, her humid breath hazing up my glasses as she pecked my cheek. God, no wonder Cody loved her so much. Charley and I both knew he was there that night in the woods. He saw everything -- and would tell eventually. And as the saying goes ' curiosity killed the cat'. Guess the same goes for nosy twins. " I love you more." I grinned.
  6. We both quickly leapt into the vehicle, Charley insisting on better judgement that she sit in the back incase we were to be pulled over. " Oh come on, Cole! We can't have a road trip without it!" she whined from the back, pressing her chin against the back of shoulder as she leaned over to get my attention. " Fine," I grumbled, using my left hand to flick on the radio, a Taylor Swift song booming over the speakers. " but only because I love you so much." I reminded her. That's the thing about Charley. Vanessa had ruined her once perfect mind -- making her feel unloved and unnecessary. Ever since Vanessa had entered her life, she'd began to feel unneeded. That's where I come in.
  7. *** FLASHBACK***I carefully crept throughout the maze of students, chasing after the beautiful goddess who'd been crying during lunch -- her big brown eyes full of sorrow -- sorrow I could cure. I'd always loved her -- so had Cody. That's why she said yes when he asked her out L, but she wasn't in love. She never was. After minutes of searching, I found her hunched over a water fountain -- tears pouring down like a waterfall. " She did it again?" I asked. " She killed him. My father." she sobbed, instantly turning and burying her face into my chest.
  8. She had no idea I liked her. She never knew. " Charley. I know you don't like Cody," I accused her, her eyes wide as she gave a shameful nod. " and I can help you. I'll help you get revenge. But it'll cost you." " And what's the price?" she asked. " I want you. I've always loved you, Charley. Take me, and I'll help you get rid of them. Vanessa. And Cody." I said. She gave a thin smile before pressing her plump lips against mine. We had a deal. A very good one. ***END OF FLASHBACK***
  9. " Cole! Cole!" her voice snapped, breaking me out of my thoughts. Oh, yeah, she was talking about Sam. My bad. " Yes?" " What will we do about Sam? She's already alerted the police about Cody. What now?" she questioned. Seriously, that girl was too smart -- which is one of the reasons why I love her so much. " Well, we could always go to visit her...." I trailed off, waiting for her response. " You're right. We could," she said with a grin. " or..... She could visit us."
  10. " What do you mean, babe?" " Let's say you were to call her -- and tell her you need her to come to where you were. Let's say.... The woods. She comes -- and dies. Whaddya say, bae?" she offered, bringing a large smile to my face. Like I said, this girl is a genius. " sounds spectacular."
  11. *** CLIFFHANGER ***lemme know what you think should happen. Should love prevail and Charley get her happy ending -- or should justice be served?

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