Which of the Jacob Brown family households are you?

Ok so I’m jaxob please tell me my name is Cody Cody is bad he got this many right im bad ereislt description Cody save me now now I’m Gracie Gracie gracie

So here’s the other thing but I don’t got much to say this is basically just like Jacob and his family and if ur not Gracie ur a failure in life especially if ur nacob

Created by: NICHOLAS

  1. How old are you (not creepy)
  2. What type of car do you drive
  3. Are you Jacob Brown?
  4. Do you wish to be Jacob?
  5. What’s ur GPA?
  6. Why do I need 10 questions on this quiz?
  7. Describe Cody McGlaughlin in one word
  8. What’s ur addiction
  9. Where do you live?
  10. Why do you exist?
  11. R u a vagician?
  12. Describe your WiFi in two complete sentences
  13. Ok last question: do you know?

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Quiz topic: Which of the Jacob Brown family households am I?

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