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Think you know most of the famous stories that restored your faith in humanity? LET'S FIND OUT! Once in a while we enjoy the opportunity to hear or read about stories that restore our faith in humanity. Whether it's a good Samaritan going out of their way to help others, or just a tale of your 'average joe' who decided to pay it forward one day. These good deeds give us all inspiration and hope for a better tomorrow. you REMEMBER the famous tales that once restored your faith in humanity? More importantly, do you even remember...their NAMES? Take this short quiz to test your knowledge of the good Samaritans around us. Find out if these people and their selfless acts have stuck with you, or if they were forgotten just as quickly as they appeared.

Created by: Joe Fiduccia of - A digital legacy
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  1. This man is on a selfless crusade serving Minneapolis' homeless population. After sleeping only a handful of hours each day, he makes hundreds of sandwiches and distributes them to the homeless across the city...recently hitting a benchmark of 520,000 sandwiches served. He exposes himself to the bitter cold every night, and his doctors have said his health at major risk. But he continues to deliver...each and every day. His name is:
  2. This man made the largest single charitable contribution ($2.1 billion) to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. He has asked other individuals and high profile celebrities to donate the majority of their wealth to charity. So far more than 120 have agreed. This man who started this crusade is:
  3. This woman became one of the few female firefighters in the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) 11 years ago, despite her family telling her that only men joined the department. Recently she broke down another barrier by becoming the first woman to be featured in the FDNY's 2015 Calendar of Heroes. This woman is:
  4. As a young boy, this man grew up hungry. And he said he never wanted to see anyone else go hungry again. So he purchased land in Kingston that grows sweet white corn and decided to give away 100% of his family-raised crops to a local food pantry. That tradition still continues ... every single year ... even after his passing.
  5. As CEO, this man paid his employees well over the minimum wage requirement. They earned $17.00 / hour on average ... plus benefits. He earned less than $500K and refused Wall Street demands to cut employee salaries and benefits. This man is:
  6. This woman is a U.S. tennis legend who famously beat Bobby Riggs in "the battle of the sexes" after he said to her that men were superior athletes. It was a match that changed the game of tennis forever. She is:
  7. This 99-year-old woman from Iowa was recently recognized for making dresses from scratch every day. All so that African children in need can have something pretty to wear. Her name is:
  8. This man simply refused to give up hope. He was a 21-year-old one-legged cancer patient who decided to run 3,339 miles across Canada in 143 days before dying. He name was:
  9. This young woman is a considered a hero for saving students during a school shooting. She hid 1st graders in cabinets and closets during gunfire. When the shooter came in, she told him the students were in the gymnasium. He then gunned her down and left. She unfortunately did not survive. But her final act resulted in saving the lives of ALL of her students. Her name was:
  10. This billionaire recently donated most of his fortune anonymously and with no recognition. He flew coach, wore a $15.00 watch, and had no cars or a big home. His name was:

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