are you going to heavan: the true test

Are you going to heaven? have you recieved God's grace yet? find out here. are you full of good, or bad deeds. or do you know the truth of salvation? do you really?

this quiz was created to show people the path of salvation. if you have questions go to your local church and ask all you can. take time to read the bible and pray for guidence.

Created by: Keirsten
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  1. do you go to church regularly?
  2. do you pray?
  3. do you give to charity?
  4. are you genraly a good person?
  5. are you superstious
  6. do you do a good deed a day?
  7. do you dress modestly?
  8. do you worship idols?
  9. do you worship yourself?
  10. do you use god's name in vain?
  11. do you rest on the sabbath?
  12. do you honor your father & mother?
  13. have you killed anything
  14. have you ever cheated on your BF/GF or your spouse?
  15. have you ever stolen?
  16. hve you ever lied?
  17. are you greedy?
  18. does God love you when you do bad things?
  19. do you pretend to be some one you're not?
  20. do you care about the enviroment?

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Quiz topic: Am I going to heavan: the true test