Are you Empathetic?

Some may consider an empath,a psychic,however there a bit of a difference.An Empath is a kindred soul,seldom knowing any enemies. There are many different form and types of psychics,but an empath is a one of a kind.When you are done with this test,I hope you will have an idea of what an empath is. Delving into the realm of possibilities, it is equally impressive to meet or to know a true psychic or a true Empath!

Is it possible that you could be an empath?Is it possible your best friend is a true empath.After taking this test,if you had any question what an empath is and does,I hope they are answered here.Continue to the test and get your answer!Have Fun!

Created by: Anita of welcome to my crazy world.
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  1. Your friend is in crisis,you have had a bad day,do you help him/her?
  2. Do you and friends and family often say the same thing at the same time?
  3. Do you ever suddenly feel lost,sad or scared,and wonder why,later to find out a friend had felt that way?
  4. Have you ever just "known" a friend needed you and sought them out?
  5. Has anyone ever told you that you are cold-hearted, or that you are empathetic?
  6. Have you ever experienced feeling someone elses physical pain?
  7. Have you ever noticed someone around, gone near them and suddenly known what to say to make them feel a certain way?
  8. Have you ever known someone loved you before they ever told you?
  9. Does being in a room full of people make it hard for you to think,to many emotions going on?
  10. What is an empath?

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Quiz topic: Am I Empathetic?