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  • 0%

    Souveran Jun 13 '16, 7:07PM
  • 3%, and if people don't like it, tough!

    vdjyt Jun 8 '15, 9:43PM
  • I think you need to look up the definition of empathy.

    xxxXXX Mar 29 '15, 2:29PM
  • How dare you put one of the answers as "i am bi-polar hehe." I am disgusted, and the only reason I finished this "quiz" was to get to this page so I could comment. I highly doubt you are an "empath" of any sort if you make such cavalier comments about mental illness. You need to look at your life and think about whether you practice what you preach, because you need professional help if you honestly think making light of such a thing is acceptable in any way, shape, or form. You are an adult with, from what I have gathered, the emotional prowess of a child.

    EmersonJ Aug 26 '14, 2:21AM
  • I block my abilities, sometimes it's easier that way....

    aoconnor2011 Feb 19 '14, 6:07PM
  • @skywire4929 I want to know how to go past my limits

    xxemogirlxx111 May 20 '11, 12:14AM
  • @skywire4929 I want to know how to go past my limits

    xxemogirlxx111 May 20 '11, 12:12AM
  • 72%?
    Dude, i mastered empathy 3 years ago. I can do it perfectly, if anyone is empath email me or reply to this comment then i'll tell then how to get to their limits and beyond and also i'll tell them the real truth about everything.

    skywire4929 Aug 25 '10, 4:06AM
  • 85% ?

    xXvampiregirlXx Jun 1 '10, 8:22PM

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