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  • "You seriously need brains"
  • "I am very bored today, so i thought i would answer your question. Satan isn't a god, haha i can't even imagin him with that title. Satan is ..."
  • Fallen Angels
    "@all Angels- The warriors, guardians, and assistants of God himself. These souls where made to help god with his wishes for Earth. Th"
  • Skywire4929
    "@Hikaru Katsu You win, i will leave this site now. But in the future you'll see the truth, you'll see what will happen. Its not too l"
  • "I see... So i guess i should leave here, You'll see my true self, you'll see everything i have said is true. Ferewell eilloh see you"
  • "Yes you have a point there, you forgot didn't u? i am not human. I made that deal, there is nothing to break it."
  • "You do not believe it? I see... i am a christian like you as i said before, what more would you like to know?"
  • Skywire4929
    "i see now.... Then i will honour your personality. Thank you for your time."
  • "My friend had so much to even want to continue his life, i couldn't bare it and i made that deal. So there you go, are you happy now? "
  • "So i guess i should... so this is how demanding you are. Fine i'll tell you. I am a christian like you, my job is to find the fallen ones. I..."
  • "@Hikaru Katsu Yes he is :) nice for you to agree with me for once :D."
  • Skywire4929
    "@eilloh Email me, we shall talk by that. I'll explain to you everything, my email is on my thread."
  • ":) I am something forbidden to go to heaven, *gives eilloh a hug* There are many secrets in this world, its a humans job to find it o"
  • "Pain, Sorrow, Misery, Hatred. What do you think about these words? Yes, be stronger in Christ, don't change your beliefs stay what yo"
  • Skywire4929
    "@eilloh It is you choice to believe or not, you will see in time what i truly am. Till then i am what i am."

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