Are you Hip Hop?

There are alot of people who claim to be Hip Hop and like to wear there jeans low but don't know the true meaning of the culture. Are you a true Hip Hopper? This quiz is to test your knowledge and see if you have a ghetto or need a new ghetto pass....

Are you a real Hip Hopper??? Do you know Old School Rap? Or did you just start listening to K-Fed? This test will test your true knowledge of Hip Hop going back to the originators all the way to the present. Are you Hip Hop?

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  1. Who was/were the most credible white rapper(s)?
  2. What movie was RUN DMC in that talked about there first signing and record label
  3. What was the name of KRS-1 rap group?
  4. What does LL in "LL Cool J" stand for?
  5. What group has nine or more rappers and had names like: Rza, ODB, & Ghostface among others?
  6. What female rapper sung "Georgie Porgie"?
  7. Who is the best rapper of all times?
  8. Will Hip Hop ever die?
  9. What click does the rapper Game belong too?
  10. What was the first real Hip Hop video show?

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