How much Klingon do you know?

This test of Klingon knowledge will reveal to you your intelect concerning the culture, language, and behavior of Klingons. Find out if you could pass as a Klingon.

Are you a true Klingon? Or are you just an expert at their culture? Either way, you would be acceptable in the Klingon community. Perhaps, however, your mother has a flat forehead. (hint hint)

Created by: Elliryanna

  1. This quiz will ask you to respond to situations as a Klingon would. Understand?
  2. A fellow Klingon has just majorly insulted you. You respond:
  3. Some ignorant human asks what the heck you are.
  4. A Vulcan is blabbing on and on about how just killing the ignorant human isn't logical.
  5. You have locked the Vulcan in a closet, and can now proceed with the killing.
  6. Culture: A major insult would be-
  7. Geography- What is the Klingon home planet, and what is a city/district. (HOME WORLD COMES FIRST)
  8. History- A God-like historical figure:
  9. This figure was what?
  10. I need more questions, so, do you love pie? (the answer is yes)

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Quiz topic: How much Klingon do I know?