What Would You Do?

There are many people who may respond to situations badly,and some may do good.But are you the 'good responding' kind or the 'bad responding' kind?Well,this quiz have all the crazy scenarios that can ever happen to a single person.Why don't you try this quiz and see if you can pass as the calm,go-to person.

Do you have what it takes to know how to respond to crazy situations?Are you good when it comes to weird situations?Well,you probably know if you are or not...but why dont you try this quiz to see for sure.C'mon,I'm sure you want to!

Created by: Kyrah
  1. You see a pregnant woman passed out on the sidewalk...what do you do?
  2. "Excuse me Ms./Mr.,can you buy me and my friends a 12 pack of Corona beers?I'm turning 21yrs.old tomorrow,so I cant buy alcohol until then."
  3. You see a little girl who seems lost,what do you do?
  4. Your sitting at a bar having a good time.But you look to your left and accidently see a strange man pour "Sugar" (as he said) into a woman's drink when she's in the restroom.You...
  5. A drunk driver runs over a dog that is wearing a collar.He disses the scene,how do you respond?
  6. "Mommy,some white man stole a black little girl!"
  7. Your daughter says,"He stole her because why would a white guy have a black daughter?"
  8. Your husband just lost a patient at the hospital and is depressed.You...
  9. Your baby wont quit crying,you...
  10. Your 12 year old daughter is pregnant....you wanna...
  11. For his 15th birthday,your son got a tattoo of a naked woman on his arm w/ his friends.You..
  12. You and your friends are watching a a new music video.You see your daughter dancing half naked in the background.
  13. You see a guy jump the fence of your neighbors house.He doesn't look familiar so what do you do?

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