How well do you handle annoying people?

We live in a world filled with nice people who don't know how irritating they can be. And there are also those people who do all they can to get on your nerves...

How well do you handle these people? Are you the kind of person who snap, or do you try to be respectful? I am going to give you a couple of scenarios and you choose the alternative that seems most like the kind of thing you would answer.

Created by: Leechwife

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  1. A teenager comes up to you buy the busstop: Hello, you don't know me but I am about to take the bus, and I don't have any money so... Could you give me some?
  2. You just got a text: "H33y what u doin??"
  3. A young, nervous girl-scout approches you: E-excuse me sir/miss, wo-would you like to buy... Um, would, would you like to b-buy some... Some...
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  6. A number you don't recognize is calling, when you answer it turns out to be a salesman trying to sell some kind of insurance.
  7. A familymember of yours ask you for a loan.
  8. You are about to get into a cab when an old man pushes you aside and gets inside instead.
  9. A tourist with a giant backpack asks you for directions to a hotel, you try to explain, but he doesn't understand.
  10. A stranger sitting next to you on the bus starts coughing and continues for nearly ten minutes.

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Quiz topic: How well do I handle annoying people?