Jens Lehmann Quiz

Well Do You Think You Know Jens. Many People Think They Do, But Its Not true! They Only Go Around Faking To Know Him To Look Cool In front Of All His True Fans!!!

Do You Have His True Fan Inside You? If you Think You Know Jens So Well That You Would Even Beat Him At This Test?? Do You Think Your Brain Is Covered In Jens? Take This Test And Find Out!!

Created by: Rhiannon

  1. What Is Jens' Middle Name?
  2. What Is Jens' Date Of Birth?
  3. What Is Jens' Favourite Book?
  4. What Colour Was Jens' Shirt When He Saved Two Penalties Against Argentina?
  5. Who was The Team That Jens Saved A Penalty Against In The Semi-final Champions League 2005/2006.
  6. What Colour Eyes Does Jens Have?
  7. Who Is Jens Sponsored By In Footwear/Gloves?
  8. In Which Season,With Arsenal, Did Jens Win The Premiership?
  9. Who Did Jens Win The UEFA Cup With?
  10. Who Was Jens Mainly Competing With,In The Past Years For The Numer One Shirt For Germany?

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