Wich German Footballer would you Date?

Hey! this is a quiz where you cant actually lose! why? well because all the opions are simply awesome! Find out wich German footballer would you date! From the awesome capitan Michael Ballack to the goalkeeper that saved the team - Jens Lehmann!!! Its FUN! Its Cool! Its Easy!

Do you like football? Do you think the germanty national team is totally hot! then this is the quiz for ya! lol! find out wich German national footballer would you date!From the capitan Michael Ballack to the goal keeper that saved the team Jens Jehmann!

Created by: Mariana
  1. Which Color of Hair do you like more?
  2. Which is your favorite position to play soccer at
  3. How are you in love?
  4. Which is your favorite Disney Princess
  5. Which is your favorite Color for clothes?
  6. Which is your Favorite type of Car?
  7. Who would you choose as your Best Friend?
  8. Would you like to appear on TV?
  9. Where would you travel too?
  10. Which is your favorite animal from this?
  11. Do you like fashion?

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