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  • Happy Birthday! (ugh im waiting here for the fourth season of Vampire Diaries and im like this : O.O after the finaly.) Happy birthday One Direction, i love your music, im not a true directioner im sorry about that but i love the music and my mother as well, so thank you for coming into the world of music and cheers for more songs that i sing for.

  • I can't believe how much they have changed my life! Ever since I started liking them, I realized who my true friends are and who really cares about me. They taught me to be who I am and to not be embarrassed about myself. They are just so awesome and I'm so proud of them. I'm proud to say I am a Directioner! Happy Birthday One Direction!

  • OH MY GOD. HAPPY FRIGGING BIRTHDAY ONE DIRECTION!!!! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! Wihout you, I wouldnt be the person I am today. Not kidding. When I'm sad, I turn to your music, and just blast it until I'm beaming. Thanks for lighting up my world like nobody else :) I just want you to know that you're beautiful. Each and every single freaking one of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1D!!!!

  • Happy birthday One Direction! I'm going to be honest, i never ever listened to them. I was horrified when you mentioned you were crying. Hehehe i relieved after reading that was happy tears.

  • I only heard about them at the start of summer, but I've caught up with all of the old videos online.

    I love their music, and I spend most of my time singing along to their album.

    Happy birthday, 1D!

  • I'm not a sqealing fangirl over them, but I do appreciate their music. Happy birthday!

  • omg those are my babies ok slkdmfksdnfsf and i'm so stoked for next year because i'll be seeing them in concert! :D


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