A different supernatural love story part 5

jace is an archangel and can teleport. Ian is a werewolf and has telepathy. Nick is a skin walker and has the power of invisibility. Evan is a shape shifter and has the power of knowledge and is omnilingual (the ability to understand any form of language). Samantha, Stephanie, and savannah are all Vetalas.

if you didnt read A different supernatural love story parts 1-4 or forgot what happened, you will be confused so go and read or reread it. well this is part 5 so enjoy

Created by: starcross

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  1. Recap: I got red marks all over my neck and was in pain and my eyes turned black so Jace put a needle in my neck and I was knocked out. Then the next day I woke up and Evan healed me and then Jace said Ian and Nick are fighting again. It was so annoying.
  2. Mr. Lampoon yelled for the guys to stop but they just wouldn’t. They crashed into the wall and ended up in the dining room. We followed into the next room.
  3. What the finger nuggets is happening here.
  4. I just got so angry because I was so tired of this so I yelled “stop” but it was louder than I thought. When I yelled the whole house shook and out the window you can see a big storm appear and it turned into an earthquake. It caused the house to shake. Nick and Ian got off each other and all of them just stared at me. I was freaked out so my anger disappeared and the storm stopped and the house stood still again.
  5. “Did I just do that”? They all just stared at me like I had ten heads and nodded slowly. This was too freaky.
  6. Mr. Lampoon said “so we know one of your powers is Weather Manipulation”. “Cool I created an earthquake, well I guess it is not so cool because I nearly destroyed this house but do I have any more powers”. Mr. Lampoon said “yes but we don’t know until you do something outrageous like this, so guys and gals we have to train ________ to see what other powers she has and how to control it”.
  7. Samantha asked “what time is it”. Steph said “9:58 am, why”. “Maury is coming on in 2minutes”. “Oh my gosh, is this the one where the husband got his wife’s sister pregnant” “yeah”. Vannah squealed and said “I woke up early to watch this episode. I can’t miss this episode”…then Sam said “sorry ____ but we can’t train you, Maury is on”. I said “it’s okay; I will just watch it with you”. We ran back into the living room to watch it and then Mr. Lampoon said to me “no, you don’t, _____you need to train. So the guys will train you since the girls are busy”. This is so unfair.
  8. Mr. Lampoon said “change into comfortable clothes”. “Where will I find clothes”? “You have a full wardrobe in your room so just pick out some clothes”. He said that in an annoying way. “I don’t have a room”. “Ohh, I forgot you got knocked out two times so they were never able to show you your room”
  9. “Nick go show _______ her room and then go out in the back yard with her to train.” Nick was walking up the steps with me and notice my annoyed face “are you okay,_______, I know you r mad that all you have seen since you have been here is me and Ian fighting, but” I interrupted because I could tell he felt really bad “ I’m not mad at you guys I am mad at Jace’s dad because I wanted to watch Maury but he said no” he chuckled and said “ohh” I then said “but why are you guys always fighting” “ we just have bad history.” “What bad history”. “Can we not talk about it.” he said that in a serious tone. So I just shut up.
  10. Then we finally reached my room. He opened it for me and we both walked in. It was unlike anything I ever saw in my life.

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