a different supernatural love story part 4

jace is an archangel and can teleport. Ian is a werewolf and has telepathy. Nick is a skin walker and has the power of invisibility. Evan is a shape shifter and has the power of knowledge and is omnilingual (the ability to understand any form of language). Samantha, Stephanie, and savannah are all Vetalas.

if you dont remember what happened reread part 1-3 or you will be super confuse. hope u enjoy. read the question of the day. so thats all i have to say

Created by: starcross

  1. I felt somebody holding my hand and gently kissed it so I woke up. I was kind of dizzy and my sight was a little blurry. So I didn't know who it was. Then I knew who it was when I heard his voice. It was Evan. So I was lifting myself up and He said "don't move, you need all your strength."
  2. "Where am I?" "In my lab?" "Lab, you have a lab". "Indeed". He told me " the red marks are gone and I gave you an antidote to make your eyes turn back but it's going to make you sight blurry for a few more minutes and then it will be normal again" "okay and my pain stopped yes!" "Yeah, the antidote treated that as well"
  3. 5min later my sight was back to normal. I hugged Evan really tight and said "you are truly the best". He grinned and showed off his killer teeth. I don't know why but I had butterflies in my stomach when I was talking to him.
  4. Jace came in and said "they are at it again, oh... hi, ______ are you okay". "Yes but who is at it again". Evan smile faded away and he rushed out of the lab. Jace teleported somewhere...I guess it was where Evan went and I just followed Evan.
  5. Nick and Ian were in the living room nearly killing each other. Wow this house is really pretty and the decorations are so cool. I wonder who designed this place. Wait...what am I talking about I am seriously admiring furniture and these two guys are at it with each other.
  6. Evan tried to stop them by pulling Nick away but it didn't work. He just broke free and you could tell Jace felt annoyed. I guess that is why he called Evan to help but that wasn't so successful. In unison Sam (Samantha), Steph (Stephanie), and Vannah (savannah) said "Jace, your dad is coming". Mr. Lampoon appeared. I said "how did you guys know that". They didn't even turn around or anything and then Steph told me "vetalas have super senses so one of it is enhanced hearing". That is so cool.
  7. Mr. Lampoon yelled for the guys to stop but they just wouldn't. They crashed into the wall and ended up in the dining room. We followed into the next room
  8. What the finger nuggets is happening here.
  9. this is a cliffhanger
  10. read the question of the day

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