Are you a shape-shifter?

Have you ever considered that you may be, well, not quite human? There are many magical beings out there, one of which is a Shape Shifter. Shifters can change into any creature at will, and they are among one of my personal favorite magical beings, for, umm, no particular reason... *winks at other Shifters*

Are you a Shape Shifter? You never know. Shifters usually gain their power somewhere between the ages of 10 and 20, so you just might be! Let's see how likely you are to be one. Please answer honestly!

Created by: epicpotterhead
  1. Let's start this simple: Do you believe in magic/magical beings?
  2. So, what's your favorite form?
  3. So let's say you have pretty average brown hair, about shoulder length. (Not describing myself at all...) So, what color are your feathers/fur/scales when you Shift?
  4. So let's say you're a very outgoing person (okay this actually isn't me. I'm just proving my expertise :P)So, what do your wings look like when you grow wings in your human form? (Sorry, I like flying :D)
  5. Have you ever looked at your friend and known exactly what they would look like in a different form?
  6. So... which species can have Shifters?
  7. What's a Shifter's main weakness?
  8. Have you ever felt the sensation of wings, like known exactly the shape and position of your wings if you had them?
  9. True or false: Shifters are one of the most powerful magical species.
  10. Okay, this one won't affect your score, it's just for fun. Do you think you are a Shifter?

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Quiz topic: Am I a shape-shifter?