Are you a wolf shapeshifter?

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Hello! This quiz will determine if you were born with wolf shapeshifting blood! This will ask you many questions so that the result is as accurate as possible! Wolf shapeshifting genes can be rare, so this will help tell you whether or not your a wolf shifter!

Let’s begin! Prepare for a long test though, because there are many questions to make sure that this is very accurate! Also, you will get a score from 100 to 1. 1 is not shifter at all, 100 a true shifter! 50 and above means your probably a wolf shifter, 49 and below means your probably not.

Created by: Cinderwolf

  1. Are you vegan?
  2. Have you ever pretended you were in a pack with other “wolves”?
  3. Have you ever howled before like a wolf?
  4. Have you ever stayed up a full night?
  5. Do you prefer chicken or cheese on your taco/other food dish?
  6. Are cats or dogs better?
  7. Would you rather be a fox or a coyote?
  8. Which is your dream pet?
  9. How much food do you eat per day?
  10. What’s the best time of the month?
  11. Would you rather be able to shapeshift into a dog or a tiger?
  12. Would you protect your best friend from death if you could die yourself?
  13. Do you prefer being alone or with your friends and family?
  14. Which is your favourite color?
  15. Would you rather eat pasta or chicken?
  16. Do you like inside or outside more?
  17. Is summer or winter better?
  18. Is fish or chicken better?
  19. What do you do if you find a pile of bones out in the forest?
  20. You’re stranded on an island (no land in sight) You can have 3 things to survive. What do you take?
  21. A stranger is threatening your friend, what do you do?
  22. Would you rather be super smart or super fast runner?
  23. You find a wolf in the forest. It growls at you, what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I a wolf shapeshifter?