Do You Love Someone?

Many people say "I love you" without really taking time to examine their hearts to see if they really do. I find this especially to be so in teenagers and young adults. Love is not just butterflies in your stomach or wanting to be with someone all the time. And love is not just a commitment either. It goes way beyond all these things.

So, do you REALLY love someone? Or do you only think you do? This quiz will help you find out the truth, not only from a human perspective, but from a Biblical point of view as well. Good luck!

Created by: Abbie of myspace
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  1. The person you think you love has been really busy for two weeks straight and hasnt been able to call you. You are hurt when they finally call you acting like everything has been normal, so you:
  2. He/she makes a rather goofy grammatical error while giving an important speech. You:
  3. You work at the same job as he/she does. You have been working very hard to get a promotion, but when the time comes, he/she gets the promotion instead, and they havnt been putting in quite as much effort as you have. As a result you:
  4. The person has wanted a new car for a while, but hasnt been able to afford one. When you get a brand new Mustang convertable (from your wealthy parents) for your birthday, you:
  5. You are invited over to his/her parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner (this is only the second time you have met them). After eating all of that food, you feel a rather large fart coming on. You:
  6. Your favorite TV show is playing the last episode of the season tonight, and you have not missed a single one. He/she (the one you think you love) calls you and asks you to dinner because they need to talk to someone for advice.
  7. He/She has a thing for calling you Googlybear. You, however, hate the nickname. In order to get them to stop calling you that, you:
  8. He/she was going to a party where you know there is going to be drugs. They want you to go with. You:
  9. You overhear some of your closest friends gossiping about him/her. You:
  10. He/she confesses to you that they are on medication for depression and begs you to keep it a secret. Your boss sees you talking to them and confronts you about the topic. You:
  11. One of his/her best friends claims that he/she is hiding something big from you, but he/she says that is a lie. You:
  12. He/she finds out that they are dying from cancer and only have 6 months left to live. They ask you to marry them before they die. You:

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