What is Your Love Language?

There are many different ways in which people express and feel love--Dr. Gary Chapman has narrowed these ways into five broad categories. When you are fully aware of your love language, you can communicate with the people in your life so they know how to treat you--and if you know the love languages of your boyfriend/girlfriend, siblings, and friends, you can easily use the new information to make others feel loved.

Which is YOUR love language? At the end of the quiz, each language will have a short description, demonstrating how to SHOW love and FEEL love through your specific language.

Created by: The Love Doctor
  1. The most important thing in a relationship is
  2. When you were a child, you felt the most loved by your parents when they
  3. It is clear to you that someone dislikes you when
  4. When you have a crush on someone, but you're too shy to talk to them, you constantly dream about them
  5. You cannot wait to get married because
  6. You would be upset if your girlfriend/boyfriend
  7. The best part of having a dog is
  8. You would only be able to marry
  9. You feel you have the closest relationship with your friends who
  10. The way that best describes how you show that you care about someone is that

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